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Somali Lawmakers Denied Access to Airport

Somali lawmakers said security forces at Mogadishu’s Aden Ade international airport denied them access as they tried to board a plane to Nairobi.

The spokesman of a recently nominated parliamentary electoral committee said that 45 lawmakers are stuck at the airport after security forces prevented them from preceding to the airport terminal.

He accused government soldiers of violating the lawmakers’ rights by hitting one of them with the back of a small gun.

The spokesman added that they were heading to Nairobi to attend an important meeting when the security forces intercepted them at the airport.

Several other lawmakers interviewed by VOA Somali service have also accused the government of being behind the decision carried out by the security forces.

Today’s event is the last of a series of signs and verbal attacks that showed the exasperating dispute between Somalia’s top leaders, mainly the president, Sheikh Sheikh Ahmed, and the speaker, Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden, who are seemingly deadlocked over the ending of the country’s transitional period and how elections for the country would then be processed.