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Al-Shabab Excavates Grave of Prominent Sufi Cleric

Al-Shabab Excavates Grave of Prominent Sufi Cleric

Al Shabaab militants have destroyed a grave that belonged to a well known Sufi cleric and elder in Mogadishu today.

Shiekh Muhyaddin Eli had been a very influential cleric with a leading role in spreading the moderate interpretation of Islamic faith in Somalia.

Residents witnessed the action with outrage as the grave was being exhumed and his remains being taken out by al Shabaab.

Observers say al-Shabab- a group known for such practices- has been controlling the area for months now though it did not rush to excavate Shiekh Eli’s grave, probably, for fear of angering the residents right away, given the prominence of the late Sheikh.

Sheikh Muhyaddin Eli died in 1970.

Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jama’s spokesperson, Abdilkadir Soomow who spoke to VOA- Somali Service today strongly condemned al-Shabab.