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Somalia President Urges Change of Government

Somalia President Urges Change of Government

A motion against Somalia’s government has been distributed in the Parliament Mogadishu, today.

A hundred and eleven MPs signed a motion of no-confidence against Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Sharmarke’s government.

The move followed after weeks of differences between President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and Prime Minister Sharmarke.

President Ahmed himself spoke at the Parliament today and urged the MPs to “lead a change”.

He said several attempts were made to reshuffle the government without success. He said a change is “necessary” because of the short left for the government made which is due to expire in August 2011.

Prime Minister Sharmarke’s supporters also distributed a rival motion asking the Parliament to stop the motion against him.

More than 300 MPs attended today’s meeting, enough for the quorum needed. People close to the Parliament believe voting could take place within this week.