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Somali TFG Says UN-Sponsored Meeting was Fruitless

According to a press release, the weekly meeting of the Council of Ministers, chaired by Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, served as an opportunity to discuss many important issues.

The press release published important decisions that were made during the meeting held today in Mogadishu. The Council of Ministers has decided that the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) is now ready to push for peace, accountability, and reconciliation.

They have also stated that the best possible way to encourage dialogue is to hold a meeting within Somalia. Furthermore, the TFG will chair a consultative and reconciliatory meeting to be held in Mogadishu from June 11 to 16, 2011. The Council of Ministers highlighted the importance of including input from all participants when forming the agenda for the upcoming meeting.

The Council of Ministers also reviewed the outcome of the consultative meeting in Nairobi that concluded late yesterday. They stated that the consultative meeting was not fruitful and has not met the Somali population’s expectations.

Contrarily in the Chairman’s Statement, he referred to the Nairobi meeting as “a very successful consultative meeting.” He claimed that all participants were able to express their opinions openly and ideas were exchanged with an air of respect. Various conclusions were made during the meeting; most importantly, all agreed that Somalis must take charge of building peace and ending the Transition.