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Somali PM Urged to Resign

Somalia’s State Minister for Interior Affairs is calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke

In an interview with VOA Somali Service, Abdirashid Mohamed Hiddig becomes the first minister to call for the Prime Minister’s resignation amid an ongoing dispute with President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed.

President Ahmed and Prime Minister Sharmarke gave different interpretation over the process to ratify the draft constitution for Somalia which has been released for public consultation on July 30 this year. The Independent Federal Constitution Commission (IFCC) plans to release the final proposed constitution by December this year.

According to the current transitional charter, public referendum is required for the ratification of the constitution. Because of the security shortcomings President Ahmed is pushing for a delay in ratification while Prime Minister Sharmarke wants the Parliament to make amends to the procedures in order to ratify.

The Constitution Minister Madobe Nunow Mohamed accused both men of politicizing the process. Parliamentarians allied with the President are reportedly seeking support for a motion to unseat the Prime Minister.