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Al-Shabab Claims Responsibility for Airport Attack

Al-Shabab Claims Responsibility for Airport Attack

Suicide bombers in Somali have killed at least five people during an attack on Mogadishu's airport.

Officials say Somali President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed was meeting an international delegation at the airport near the time of Thursday's attack. They say the delegation, led by the U.N. special representative for Somalia (Augustine Mahiga) was flown safely to Kenya.

According to witnesses, two vehicles approached the airport main gate where African Union peacekeepers are stationed. One car exploded. Several men jumped out of the second car and began firing.

Witnesses say at least two of the gunmen broke through the gate and came within 200 meters of the terminal building before being stopped, at which point they detonated explosive vests.

Officials say the dead include two Ugandan peacekeepers, three civilians, and several attackers.

The Al-Shabab militant group claimed responsibility for the attack at Mogadishu airport this afternoon.

In an audio message posted on Al-Shabab’s Al-Kataib website, Spokesman for the group Sheikh Ali Mohamoud Rage said, “Our commandos executed the mission”.

Eyewitnesses told VOA Somali Service that gunmen driving two vehicles were involved in attack. One of the vehicles exploded at the entrance. According to witnesses, occupants in the second car forced their way inside before being shot by Amisom solders.

Nearly ten people were killed including two Amisom soldiers.

Joint statement by AMISOM, IGAD and UNPOS CONDOMENED the terrorist attack on

AMISOM troops in Mogadishu