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U.S. Releases a Statement on the TFG Crisis

U.S. Releases a Statement on the TFG Crisis

The U.S. expressed its continued support for the Djibouti Peace Process and the Transitional Federal Government

In a press release it issued through its embassy in Nairobi, the U.S. noted that it had been following the recent political turmoil within the TFG and highlighted the fact that the TFG needed to be unified in its efforts to implement the Djibouti Peace Process, to confront those who would destroy the peace process through violence, and to focus on the important tasks at hand, including providing security and services to the Somali people in a transparent and accountable manner, and working to expand its base of support.

The release recalled the fact that the Somali people have suffered from political crises, a breakdown in law and order, and corrupt and self-centered behavior. The U.S. urged the TFG should avoid the faults of the past and endeavor to find creative ways to build a better future for Somalia and its people.

The press release affirmed that the U.S. remains committed to working with those actors in Somalia who seek reconciliation, peace, stability, and economic development in Somalia.

Lastly, the statement mentioned the Istanbul Conference on Somalia that is taking place May 21-23, and noted its expectation that it will demonstrate the resolve of the international community to work with all responsible Somalis toward our common goals.