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Somalia Rejects Amnesty Report on Somalia Arms Control

Somali PM Sharma’arke

The Somali government strongly dismissed a report by Amnesty international calling for suspending arms transfers to Somalia.

Amnesty alleged that weapons supplied to the Somali government are used to commit war crimes.

A press statement issued by Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke dismissed all allegations as “baseless and unfounded”.

The statement says that the Somali government is a legitimate government recognized by the international community which has the legitimacy to receive or buy arms from anywhere in the world in order to defend the people and country against “terrorist groups”.

Amnesty International alleged that some of the weapons shipped from the West to Somalia government are diverted to armed militant groups. However the government denies that any of the weapons given to Somalia passed on to the hands of the insurgents.

“All weapons given to the government was used responsibly and was used by security forces with proper training including issues of human rights,” the statement added.