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Somali President Reverses His Earlier Decision to Sack the Prime Minister

Somali President Reverses His Earlier Decision to Sack the Prime Minister

Two days after sacking the prime minister, the president of Somalia today reversed that decision, citing irregularity in the process in which in the prime minister was initially sacked earlier this week.

"After consulting with legal experts and with members of parliament who expressed concerns over how the sacking was executed, the president informed the prime minister and his cabinet to continue with their duties," said the president's communication director in a press release.

The president's decision comes just two days after Prime Minister Omar Sharma'arke refused to step down from his post after the president declared his sacking. The prime minister contended that the president didn't have the constitutional power to remove him from office.

The whole episode began on Sunday, when Somali parliament's first session this year ended in a shouting match, with some members claiming that they voted out the speaker of the parliament, Sheikh Aden Madoobe. The speaker, who was unable to chair that session as brawl erupted, declared later that day, in an apparent retaliation, that prime minister and his cabinet lost the confidence of the parliament.

According to the Somali Charter, the Somali parliament is the only body that has the constitutional power to vote out the cabinet.

Somalia's weak but internationally recognized government, already encircled by al-Qaeda-linked insurgent groups, has been crippled by political crisis and infighting. By far, this is the most serious crisis that faced the government.