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Somali President Criticizes International Community

Somali President Criticizes International Community

President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed of Somalia has launched a stinging attack on the international community accusing them of lack of respect towards Somali leaders.

During his speech at the 51st commemoration of the Somali National Army on Tuesday, President Ahmed stated that members of the international community with interest in Somali affairs “should listen and show respect towards Somali leaders.”

His criticism coincides with today’s opening of the UN-sponsored two-day meeting in Nairobi, Kenya. The Somali government refused to participate the meeting, stating they were not properly consulted. The UN Envoy to Somalia Augustine Mahiga disputes this, saying the meeting is simply consultative and no decision will be made. Questions remain for the Somali government, however, because many participants of the meeting oppose the current leadership of Somalia.

President Ahmed criticized the meeting today. He said that every meeting held under the auspices of the international community is dominated by power sharing rather than helping Somalis lay the foundation for a functional government.

“The international community says it has respect for the views of the Somalis, their government, and our statehood but their words are different from their actions.”

We have to tell them to help us with our needs or just excuse us, he told members of the army in Mogadishu.