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Dispute Escalates Over August Election

The Somali Transitional Federal Government and the Somali Parliament are at odds on whether or not to hold an election in August 2011. The government proposed an extension of one year for all the transitional federal institutions from August 2011 until August 20, 2012, whereas the Parliament still insists on the 2011 elections.

The government argues that the current Somali situation is not appropriate for elections, stating that an election would impede success on security and management fronts. In turn, members of the Parliament said that elections are not meant to distract the attention from fighting Alshabab but to follow the constitution.

Some Somali legislators have accused Djibouti of masterminding the Somali government and accused it of siding with the cabinet. Nonetheless, members of the Parliament cannot agree on the election time. Today, MPs from Mogadishu held opposing meetings in different hotels in the capital to show support for respective sides. Many believe that these moves may exacerbate the difference